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Christian Knighthood: Model for Manhood

These are my thoughts and reflections on what it means to be a man today, using knighthood as a model. What does it mean to be a "gentleman" in today's society; to be noble, honorable, chivalrous, courageous, galant; to be pure; to be righteous? I explore the 12 virtues of knighthood, which, interestingly, are almost identical to the twelve virtues of Christianity. I also look at God's armor: what, exactly, is it and how can it be applied practically every day? I also offer some great examples of modern day knights in art, movies and literature. I hope this will be a great resource for you, your men's group and in raising your own modern day knight. Contact me with comments and ideas on articles you'd like to see, as well as your own success stories that I can share with others. - Waitsel

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A New Age of Chivalry

Knighthood - Model for ManhoodGod's Armor - Ephesians 6Modern Day ChivalryChristian ManhoodChristian CharacterModern Day Chivalry

The 12 Virtues of Knighthood (and Christianity)

Obedience - First Knightly VirtueCourage - Second Knightly VirtueIntegrity - Third Knightly VirtuePurity - Fourth Knightly VirtueLoyalty - Fifth Knightly VirtueCharity - Sixth Knightly Virtue

Defense - Seventh Knightly VirtueFaith - Eighth Knightly VirtueStewardship - Ninth Knightly VirtueWisdom - Tenth Knightly VirtueHumility - Eleventh Knightly VirtueRighteousness - Twelfth Knightly Virtue

Knighthood in the Media

Knighthood Artwork - Coming SoonKnighthood Movies - Coming SoonKnighthood LiteratureWaitsel's Best Movies for Men - Part 1Waitsel's Best Movies for Men - Part 2Modern Day Chivalry

Get Involved

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